Friday, October 1, 2021

Ducks Ltd. - Modern Fiction

Ducks Ltd.'s rise from "cute name" (originally Ducks Unlimited) and nice little debut EP in 2020 to well-augmented re-issue of EP in Spring of 2021 to one of my top 20 albums of the year with today's release of Modern Fiction is remarkable. But they deserve any accolades that come their way. The initial impression of their songs is a wall of melody, jangle, and upbeat tempos. However, unlike other bands that record songs with many of those features, the songs written for this album benefit from a level of detail and complexity that may not be readily apparent. The knowledgable listener can spot the influences of New Zealand guitar pop, Television Personalities and similar bands, but such is the talent of Ducks Ltd. that nothing on Modern Fiction gives a hint of imitation. The past for this duo is just a spiritual guideline--the art is theirs and it is deeply satisfying and supremely entertaining.

We already have featured album tracks "18 Cigarettes" (here), "Under the Rolling Moon" (here), and "How Lonely Are You" here), so we are giving you three different gems below. But you owe it to yourself to go to Bandcamp or some other streaming service and listen to the entire album.

Ducks Ltd. are Tom McGreevy (lead vocals/guitar/bass/keys) and Evan Lewis (guitar/bass/drum programming). Modern Fiction is out today via Carpark Records




Bandcamp for Modern Fiction

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