Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Astrid Swan - D/other

Addressing themes of sleep and dreaming, as well as motherhood and mother-child relationships, Finnish singer songwriter Astrid Swan has created a lush and dynamic new album that has given us a brain orgasm. Titled D/other (taken from a term Swan encountered in her Phd research), it consists of ten songs that feature literate and poetic storytelling and Swan's compelling vocals. Swan's dramatic vocals are well-matched by the fulsome arrangements, highlighted by Swan's piano, rich details and polished production. Don't miss this album, it is absolutely terrific.

Astrid Swan wrote the songs and sang, as well as played piano and acoustic guitar. Additional players were Mikael Hakkarainen (guitars), Johannes Salomaa (horns/keys), Alina Toivanen (drums), Veli Kauppinen (bass), and Owen Pallet (strings).

D/other is out now via Soliti Music.




Bandcamp for D/other

Soliti Music

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