Thursday, January 16, 2020

Kiwi Jr. - Football Money

Kiwi Jr. plays indie rock with the competence of seasoned professionals headlining an extended tour and the exuberance of the teenage band down the block who just secured their first paid gig and have their fake IDs sorted. Fuzz, jangle, distortion and an injection of bratty attitude - no fucks given and no apologies offered or needed. Spinning Football Money, the Toronto band's new album, gives the listener the improbable -- although undeniably delightful -- impression of Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers, Pavement, and Scott & Charlene's Wedding combining for a set at your local venue. The proceedings are sunny and uptempo, and infused with a sense of fun and adventure.  And when they dial down and reflect, as on penultimate rack, "Swimming Pool", the effect is just as stunning. The influences detected on Football Money are plentiful and varied, but with writing and guitar-work this good, the quartet's material stands on its own without comparisons.

Oh, and be warned, this album gets better with each listen.

Football Money is out Friday, January 17, via Mint Records in Canada and Persona Non Grata Records elsewhere.

Bandcamp for Football Money
Mint Records

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