Monday, January 6, 2020

Treasure Chest Alert: Television Personalities compilations

Did you receive what you wanted and needed this holiday season? If not, we think you should treat yourself. In fact, we think you should treat yourself even if you got everything you thought you wanted and needed. And if we may be so bold, we have a suggestion for you: Two collections of the singles released by Television Personalities from 1978-1994. For our money, these compilations are a literal treasure chest of some of the most delightful indie pop ever recorded. Carefully prepared by Fire Records, the music is presented chronologically, including some very rare recordings and remixes, and is presented in digital, vinyl and double CD bookback with liner notes.  Packed with hooks, delightfully melodies, playful lyrics and spanning indie pop, twee and gentle psychedelia, it should cement to reputation of main TP man Dan Treacy as one of the best and most prolific songwriters of the era. It seems pointless (and impossibly daunting) to undertake more detailed descriptions, so we will leave you with some streams from the goodies, and our highest recommendation to own these collections forever.

Some Kind of Happening - Singles 1978-1989:

Bandcamp for album

Some Kind of Trip: Singles 1990-1994:

Bandcamp for album

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