Saturday, April 14, 2018

Black Gold Buffalo - Black Gold Buffalo

Black Gold Buffalo entered our consciousness in early February, and we immediately told our readers about it because that is what we do with great musical discoveries (link).   The London quartet now has released their self-titled debut album, and to be perfectly honest, it is even better than we thought likely -- and we expected quality.  Our only concern was whether the band's previously released material was far above the remainder of the album.  This is an understandable concern because that sort of thing happens often in the music world.  However, we are here to assure you that Black Gold Buffalo is excellent, darkly-shaded, pulsating dance rock crafted to the same high standards as the singles.  This is a keeper of an album, folks.

Black Gold Buffalo are Keziah Stilwell (vocals), Hannah Holland (rhythm/production), Joy Joseph (rhythm/production), and Marc Hayward (guitar).   The album is available via the band's own Buff Rekkids label.  Check your preferred digital sources.


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