Monday, April 23, 2018

Lio - Lio canta Caymmi

We present your summer soundtrack for relaxing under the stars enjoying a warm breeze - Lio canta Caymmi.  The title reveals the nature of the work - Belgian/French vocalist Lio sings the songs of Brazilian singer songwriter Dorival Caymmi, but appreciation requires your ears and heart, as well as a bit of background.  The genius behind this album is attributable to five individuals:  First, Mr. Caymmi himself, the beloved and influential Brazilian singer songwriter and Bossa Nova visionary who died in 2008;  Second, Jacques Duvall, the French lyricist who conceived of the project;  Third, musician Christophe Vandeputte, who arranged the songs; Fourth, Lio, whose vocal talents and interpretive artistry lent new life to the songs while honoring the composer; and Fifth, Crammed Discs honcho Marc Hollander, who appetite for quality music regardless of origin has enriched music fans globally.

The twelve songs curated for this record lie in the space where French cafe meets Samba, Bossa Nova and other forms of Brazilian pop.  The atmosphere is relaxed and romantic, with the focus appropriately turned on the singer and composer, with sparse but artful accents from the instrumentation.  Lio, born Wanda Maria Ribeiro Furtado Tavares de Vasconcelos in Portugal, has spent her career singing in French, but turns to her native tongue for Caymmi's creations.  On this album, she has cast a spell that will last all spring and summer, and whenever you want to remember the good times.  And none of us will complain a bit about being bewitched.

Lio canta Caymmi is out now via Crammed Discs.

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