Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Kosmonaut - Misfits on the Horizon

We really hate it when we miss the release of a really good indie pop record.  In our defense, it isn't easy to follow all of the indie releases around the globe.  But it is our job to do so and it becomes harder to justify our high salaries, stock options, private aircraft, bodyguards and other perks if we don't do it well.  And failure also makes for awkward conversations with outside directors and angry institutional investors.  However, we shouldn't complain, as most people would be happy to trade places with high-flying indie music bloggers like us.  So, then, what did we miss?  Absolutely nothing, of course, we are professionals.  But we almost missed Misfits On The Horizon by Kosmonaut.  The nine-track gem of guitar and electronic-pop was released this month and deserves to be featured here.  And if not for spying a post by Wally Salem of Canadian label The Beautiful Music, that might not have happened.

To put it simply and directly, Kosmonaut may be one of the best bands you've never heard of, writing the sort of songs that reflect the cool college vibes of Teenage Fanclub and the heyday of Creation Records, The Weather Prophets, early Primal Scream and some sunny psychedelic pop (check out "Dive In Blind" and "Your Day In The Sun").  And for those who detect some of our beloved Bulldozer Crash in the bloodline, you may have hacked a bit of their DNA profile and found Stephen Maughan).  Suffice it to say that Misfits On The Horizon is the work of absolute pop masters, likely with divine inspiration [citation needed].  Giving you streams of four songs from a single album seems excessive, but it was painful enough to cut as deep as I did.  I suppose if you only have time for one, listen to "Debbie Harry's Smile" or "Silver Star".

I know we have been (trying) to spend a lot of your money lately, but listen to Misfits On The Horizon and think about living in a world in which you can't play those songs whenever you want.

Bandcamp for Misfits on the Horizon

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