Thursday, September 7, 2017

El Goodo - By Order Of The Moose

Unlike many people, I have actually met a moose.  They are shockingly large, prone to aggression and a bit odoriferous.  So when I am ordered to do something by a moose, I don't take it lightly.  Accordingly, when I received a copy of By Order Of The Moose, I dutifully cued it up and pressed play.   That simple act of self-preservation had two results.  First, I was not attacked by a moose.  Second, I experienced one of my more enjoyable listening experiences of the second half of 2017.  By The Order Of The Moose is a really, really good album, even if you aren't worried about an attack by the largest member of the deer family.

The creation of Welsh psychedelic pop mavens El Goodo, who take their name from a Big Star song, the album reflects the band's appreciation for '60s music.  And we mean a broad swath of '60s music.  There is surf, sunny beach pop, garage, psychedelic, Baroque pop and British Invasion, and even some spaghetti western flourishes.  Oh, we didn't mention the gypsy songs -- we have those too.  These guys can harmonize like the Beatles and Beach Boys (and in some tracks, such as album closer "As You Said Your So Longs", they sound like both those bands in the same song), and the production is full and crisp.  Perhaps almost as impressive as the individual compositions and performances is that the album is so masterfully done that there is nothing jarring about the different styles.  It quite simply is one of the tastiest, most dynamic, musical tapas bistros you can imagine.

They say El Goodo, we say 'oh goody'.

The band are Elliott Jones (drums/percussion), Jason Jones (guitar/vocals), Pixy Jones (guitar/vocals/keys), Lewie Sewers (guitar), Matthew Young (keys), and Andrew Cann (bass).  By Order Of The Moose is out September 8 via Strangetown Records.


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