Saturday, September 9, 2017

"End Game" by Johnny Kills

One of the wonders of modern life is that there is an App for just about anything you want to do.  They are supposed to make life easier and more efficient for the user.  And sometimes they even manage to do so, although I suspect that often the greater reward is more to the vendor's side of the ledger than the user's.  But it seems to us that the music world has long had a similar tool.  Pick an emotion or event -- be it unrequited love, political rage, the joy of being young and stupid, the thrill of surfing, the hit of illicit drugs -- there is a song for that.  Yes, there always is a song that helps you own, process or celebrate the moments in your life.

And that brings us to the moments where you have screwed up so badly that there is nothing you can say or do to finesse the situation.  We're talking epic, relationship ending, job trashing, friendship destroying, reputation deflating faux pas.  Is there a song for that?  Why yes, thanks for asking, there is.  The song is "End Game" by UK trio Johnny Kills.  It covers just that situation with as much distortion and bratty vocals as those situations demand.  So if you do something soul-crushingly bad, at least you now have a song to help you deal with it.

Johnny Kills is Tim Lloyd-Kinnings (guitar/vocals), Lewis Lloy-Kinnings (bass/keys/vocals), and Cameron Gipp (guitar/vocals).  Drumming on the record was provided by Fin S. Woolfson.  "End Game" is self-released on the band's own Johnny's Killer Records.  "End Game" is the third of a trio of summer 2017 songs from the band.  Check out "My Shirt Guy Is High" and "Let's Talk About Me" at the Soundcloud link below.  I assure you they are worth your time.


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