Thursday, September 14, 2017

"Frostbeat" by Sad Palace

Whether Sad Palace are indeed sad, or whether they live in a palace, are questions we'll leave for another day (read: we hope no one asks us about it because we have no idea).  But the four-piece from Britain's south coast can be happy about how their latest single, "Frostbeat" turned out.  The song offers two sides to the band in one package.  After about three minutes of straight up melodic pop, a big guitar riff slams into the picture, grabbing the song and the listener (lovingly and, thankfully, figuratively) by the throat, and then dissolving.  Knowing how to make a memorable impression is important in this industry.  Well done, Sad Palace, well done.

"Frostbeat" is out now via Kissability.  Check your favorite digital outlet.


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