Friday, September 8, 2017

Beaches - Second of Spring

Some bands lose their edge ten years in, and some just stay in place.  And then there are Melbourne's Beaches.  Four years after their second album, the fine She Beats, the quintet delivers the magnificent Second of Spring.  The album is a generous 17 track layer cake of psychedelic rock, equally impressive for its artistry and technical accomplishment.  The songwriting is mature and adventuresome, the melodies and harmonies affecting, and the arrangements textured.  The rhythm section is sharp and aggressive.  And the guitars?  Well, with superb players at lead and two rhythm guitars, the guitars are breathtaking.  These ladies can coo in your ear, or whack your chest cavity with heavy riffage.   But that isn't enough, so they do both in the same song.  The tone of the album reflects the dichotomy of light and dark, with tension and release provoked with every track.  Loving this album is easy, leaving it would be hard.

Beaches are Ali McCann (rhythm guitar), Alison Bolger (rhythm guitar), Antonia Sellbach (lead guitar), Gill Tucker (bass), and Karla Way (drums).  All of the members sing.  Second of Spring is out September 8 via Chapter Music in double vinyl, CD and digital.

Bandcamp for Second Of Spring
Chapter Music page for Second of Spring

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