Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The Complete Loma Singles: Vol. 1

How many things in your life achieve "I'd hate to live without it" status?  For me, in addition to my family, there is coffee, my running habit, good books, good beer, any beer, and, of course music.  And speaking of music I'd Hate To Live Without, my gaze turns to The Complete Loma Singles: Vol. 1.  Why?  Well, I really love '60s R&B and soul.  But like many of us, when we turn to our personal collections or find an oldies station on the radio or internet, we tend to have a limited range of standards.  Don't misunderstand, I'm a big fan of the Motown and Stax/Volt hits.  But life demands variety and adventure.  Don't we R&B fans deserve the raw energy of the striving talents who never made it to more or less identical loops of oldies hits?  I think so, and thank Odin, Real Gone Music thinks so as well.

 On The Complete Loma Singles: Vol. 1 Real Gone Records collects a generous 50 songs from the Loma label.  A Warner subsidiary, the label only existed from 1964-1968, and while it wasn't known for producing hits, its releases have long been sought by soul music collectors.  And a spin through this two disc collection tells you why that is so.  You can feel the passion and your mind's eye can see the sweat, joy and tears.  If anyone every asks you what soul music is, just offer to sit them down and play this compilation.  Do not, I repeat, do not lend them the discs because you might not see them again.  And as we said at the top of the post, this is a 'can't live without item'.  When You Motor Away  blog, and its officers, directors, employees, shareholders and camp followers will not be responsible for self-harm by those who do not take care of their The Complete Loma Singles: Vol. 1.

Oh, and save your pennies, because this is the first of a planned four album release of Loma material.  See, we have a lot to live for!

Real Gone Music page for The Complete Loma Singles:Vol. 1

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