Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The Americans - I'll Be Yours

We generally make up our own minds around here.  In fact, we are quite comfortable with our enviable position as one of the premier tastemakers in indie music [citation needed].  But that doesn't mean that we ignore the opinions of other worthies in searching for good new music.  And when T. Bone Burnett and Jack White, among others, recognize a band's talent, we are content to be followers for a day.  And that brings us to The Americans -- a band whose interest in pre-war Americana roots music has broadened into an appealing brand of roots rock.  A brand that reflects rockabilly, country, blues, Americana, roots rock and swaggering rock and roll.  We featured the band's The Right Stuff EP a couple of months ago (link), and were pleasantly surprise that a full LP --  I'll Be Yours -- is available so soon.  Energetic stompers, roadhouse anthems, and slow-burning ballads showcase a band with deep understanding of their influences and formidable talent and commitment.  The songwriting is as strong as the performances are sincere.  And while the album impresses from the opening notes of the upbeat "Nevada", it still manages to be a 'grower', revealing depth with repeated listens.  The Americans have landed.

The Americans are Patrick Ferris (vocals/guitar), Jake Faulkner (bass), and Zac Sokolow (guitar).  I'll Be Yours is out now in vinyl, digital and CD formats via Loose Records.

Loose Records

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