Friday, July 7, 2017

Star Tropics - Lost World

Lost World indeed presents a world to get lost in.  Filled with anthemic shoegaze and dreampop, with perfectly meshed boy/girl vocals infused with sticky sugar floating above hooky melodies and chiming and jangling guitars.  The drums slash with abandon and the bass has free rein to infuse a muscular bounce to every track. The result is a sound that seems effortless, buoyant, youthful and celebratory.  And we certainly can use that.  Hell, the whole world can use much more of that.  We were loathe to pick favorites, just as we try not to have favorites among our children.  But our publishing standards (yes, we have a few that don't involve beer) require us to provide representative songs, and so we have.  If you are fans of '80s guitar pop -- The Cure, C86, Sarah Records, New Order -- or more recent bands such as Veronica Falls and The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, it will probably take just a few bars to sell you.  But if you want to be coaxed, and we all like a bit of coaxing every now and then, go to the Bandcamp link and play the album.  Then buy the album and improve your weekend with a few mouse clicks.  Life really can be that simple sometimes.

Star Tropics are Scott Hibbits (guitar), Loren Vanderbilt (bass/vocals), Dan Julien (drums), and Nikki Navarro (guitar/vocals).  Lost World is out now in digital and vinyl formats via Shelflife Records (United States) and Fastcut Records (Japan).

Bandcamp for Lost World
Shelflife Records
Fastcut Records

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