Tuesday, July 25, 2017

"No More (Say Yes)" by Stephen McLaren

When we last listened to Stephen McLaren he was in Edinburgh dream poppers Collar Up.  Now the talented gent is launching a solo project, and his first offering is "No More (Say Yes)".  Opening with an insistent thumping beat and anthemic vocals, it is the perfect platform for a song about the Scottish independence vote.  We'll add that it also translates well to the dance floor, the running trail, or speeding down the highway.  Kind of like a valuable and soon-to-be-treasured musical utility tool.  In case you hadn't noticed, we love it.

"No More (Say Yes)" is out now via Errant Media.  Stephen's debut LP, We Used To Go Raving, will be released by Errant Media on September 29.

Errant Media (label)

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