Tuesday, July 18, 2017

"Move to Run" by the Ocean Party

Here at WYMA World Headquarters, we are very fond of oceans and parties.  So it won't surprise anyone reading this post to learn that we also are very fond of The Ocean Party.  The Melbourne six-piece has been a favorite here for the last several years, and we even hauled ourselves out to see their show here in Seattle a few month ago.  Despite being at the end of a long overseas tour, they managed to be very entertaining and charming, and the memories still linger pleasantly in our minds.

But enough of the past, because The Ocean Party is ready to release another LP.  Beauty Point is coming to our ears and hears on August 18 via Spunk in Australia and New Zealand and Emotional Response Records in the US.  Well have more on the new album in the coming weeks, but here is a very tasty hint of what is to come.


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