Monday, June 22, 2015

Woodenbox - Foreign Organ

Of course, Scottish indie/folk-rock/country/mariachi is a crowded genre these days, but on Foreign Organ Glasgow sextet Woodenbox still manage to elevate themselves above the others.  More seriously, Foreign Organ displays Woodenbox's ability to use their folk storytelling abilities in a pop rock setting -- with a dash of horns.  And who doesn't love a dash of horns?  Think of your favorite Calexico songs; think of Saint Max and the Fanatics; think of some of the songs from Eric Bachmann's Crooked Fingers.

On this outing Woodenbox nearly crawls completely out of their folk rock skin, with muscular arrangements, assured vocals and the kind of full sound that a talented five-piece can deliver when all of one mind.  They haven't lost their sense of fun so much as beefed up the overt rock drive.  And it fits them like a glove.  However, the band haven't lost their touch for quiet and happy killer tracks either, as demonstrated by "A9 North".  The performances are tight, but not overly polished, and they pop with vitality, conviction and warmth.

Try out a few tracks below.  You can stream the entire album at the Bandcamp link.

Woodenbox is Ali Downer (guitars/vocals/harmonica), Nick Dudman (drums/vocals/ukulele), Fraser McKirdy (bass), Jordan Croan (electric guitars/vocals), Phil Cardwell (trumpet), and Sam Evans (tenor saxophone).  Foreign Organ is out now via Olive Grove Records in vinyl, digital download and compact disc formats.

Olive Grove Records  

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