Thursday, June 25, 2015

"Phonecalls In The Bath" from The Deadline Shakes

A series of singles from a young band over a few years is like a set of photographs of your nephew at various stages over the same time span.  In each of the pictures the young nipper is cute as a button and you are happy to look, but the kid looks pretty similar in each.  Then, at some point, there is a photo in which your nephew appears to have grown quite a bit.  He's still your nephew, but has clearly hit a new stage of development.

That all seems relevant to me today because we have been enjoying singles from The Deadline Shakes for a couple of years now.  Each of them has been an exciting pop nugget, worthy of carrying on the Glasgow tradition of fine indie guitar rock.  But with the new single "Phonecalls In The Bath",  we find fresh dynamics to the arrangement, more adventuresome instrumentation and, it seems to me, increased confidence.  The song begins slowly with minimal instrumentation, then explodes into a racing pop tune, then dials down again before building to a wall of sound finish.  The spaces are filled with harmonies, and there are just enough ragged edges to the instrumentation to avoid excessive polish.  "Phonecalls In The Bath" is the sound of our little 'nephews (and neice)' growing up.  And it pleases our ears.

"Phonecalls In The Bath" is out new week via Flowers In The Dustbin.  You can pre-order now.

The Deadline Shakes are Greg Dingwall (lead vocals/guitars/banjo/brass), Iain McKinstry (guitars/vocals), Martin McLeod (bass/ukelele), Thomas Booth (drums/percussion), Michael Muir (violin/tenor banjo), and Kiera Pollock (guitars/vocals).

Label's order page for "Phonecalls In The Bath"

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