Saturday, June 13, 2015

Introducing: Jimi Charles Moody

Following a week of no posts due to my bicycle crash and subsequent journey through modern pain pharmacology, it seems appropriate to recommence activity with a singer songwriter about which we can write very little, because very little is known.  According to one theory, Jimi Charles Moody is the alter ego of an artist that has charted well in another guise.  We assume that he is in the UK, as that is where his publicist is based.  What we do know is that he has unleashed two very good songs this year.    He sounds to me like Kelvin Swaby of The Heavy, but I'm on drugs anyway.  The most recent is "Other Man".  The impassioned vocals, piano and organ, and big choruses may take you back to Joe Cocker or the heyday of Stax Records.  And Jimi, while we can feel your virtual pain on seeing your love with another man, we love the resulting song.

The other track is the earlier released "Blue Honey", which delivers a lighter touch on keyboard-driven soul rock.

Jimi Charles Moody has that voice that we hope for when we listen to new music, and the songwriting chops to showcase it appropriately.  This is great stuff, folks.


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