Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Little Children - Traveling Through Darkness EP

Sometimes it is all about the children.  In this case, Little Children.  The band is centered around Linus Lutti, with contributions from Andreas Soderstrom and Mathias Bergkvist.  Known previously for collaborations with other artists, Little Children worked alone to record the Traveling Through Darkness EP, receiving the help of female vocalist Titiyo on but one track.   Comments by Lutti suggest that this record is the fruit of his personal mission to make music that represented his feelings and artistic vision.  Not knowing the man, I can only let him judge how well he succeeded in that goal, but from the perspective of this listener, these are excellent songs.

When I hit the play button for the first track, I knew nothing of Little Children.  Since I was working on some documents, I let the EP play in the background while I continued my business.  At some point -- I think during the second song -- I realized that I was listening to something special.  I put aside my work and began the EP again from the beginning.  The minor key melodies manage to be simultaneously cathartic and soothing.  The songs carry an emotional charge, but swathed in bright instrumentation and a propulsive rhythm track the overall effect is positive and memorable.  The sound is rich, with thick low-end bass and percussion and dancing high end synths.  And there is no mystery regarding the sweet spot for these songs, as Traveling Through Darkness EP is the best late night driving music I've heard in a very long time.

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