Thursday, June 4, 2015

Expert Alterations - Expert Alterations EP

Expert Alterations have done some tailoring of my beloved jangle pop genre, and I must say the results are very flattering.  The Baltimore trio of Alan, Patrick, and Paul have stripped down the sound a bit to make it a bit more elemental.  It seems to me that the result add more effect to the elements that remain, giving it a scrappy, semi-punk flavor.  With equal parts of energy, melody and anxiety, their Expert Alterations EP is an quick and exciting listen.

The five song set begins with the racing pace, pounding drums and jangling guitar of "Venetian Blinds".  The following "Bell" begins with a Velvet Underground vibe, but then launches into full bore jangling.   Showcase track "Midnight Garden" sits in the middle of the record and provides its most fully realized moment.  "Memory Glands" and "Three Signs" close out the proceedings with all of the band's attributes -- and in particular the rhythm section -- on full display.

You may find resemblance to bands such as The Clean, Toy Love, The Wedding Present and Human Television.  If you are judged by the virtual company you keep, you can judge Expert Alterations a good band to keep your ears on.  We know we will.

Expert Alterations EP is out now on vinyl from Slumberland Records and Kanine Records.  You also can buy the digital at the Bandcamp link below.  Check your local record shop or hit the links below.

Slumberland Records page for release
Kanine Records page for release

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