Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Young Guv - Ripe 4 Luv

Ben Cook of Toronto's Fucked Up possesses a restless muse.  In addition to his duties with the hardcore stars,  a few side projects, songwriting for various artists and an acting stint, he now has assumed the identity of Young Guv, a top 40 popster who throws down sweet and gooey tunes with infectious rhythms and hooks that will make your dentist smile.  The Guv's new album for Slumberland Records is Ripe 4 Luv, and it's eight tracks fuse power pop with a touch of glam and a dose of Princely swagger.  It is hard to pick favorites, but a few standouts are below.  I also suggest checking out "Aquarian", which is so smooth it should be in a shaving commercial.

Slumberland Records page for album

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