Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Emma Kupa - Home Cinema

A few years ago I reviewed an album by the since deceased Sheffield, UK band Standard Fare.  Among the many positives of that group were the vocals and songwriting of the bass player, Emma Kupa.  Happily, Emma has resurfaced with this delightful Home Cinema EP.  Warm vocals and classic rhythms carry six songs of family remembrances.  And because they are about family and are honestly crafted, the stories cover the range of happy and sad, triumphs and hardships.  But the tunes are infections, the vocals endearing, and the sincerity that infuses the project makes this one of those wonderfully intimate musical treasures that come along every so not-often-enough.

According to my ears, the standout track is "Half Sister", but I also find myself pressing replay for the country-folk "Consequences" and the '60s influenced "Punch A Door Through".  The title is apt -- this record is like looking at someone's home movies.  But the delicious bit, in addition to the obvious quality, is that the tales are those that people's home movies never capture.

Home Cinema is out now via wiaiwya Records.

Bandcamp for Home Cinema
Soundcloud for Home Cinema
Home Cinema blog
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