Friday, March 13, 2015

Beach Beach - The Sea

The twelve songs on The Sea, the sophomore album from Barcelona-based Beach Beach emphasize the theme suggest by the name of the band and title of the album.  Varying among upbeat guitar pop, sun-washed summer ditties, jangling nostalgia and surfy party tunes, this album transports the listener to the coast on a sunny day.  With but one exception each track, the songs run about three minutes or less, just long enough to kiss you with their poppy vibe and hand the baton to the next track.  The tunes are breezy, the melodies tight and upbeat.  Guitars ring, chime and jangle and the harmonies stick in your head, just as they were designed to do.  The effect is like that of a well curated mix tape you pack to go to the beach beach ... I mean the beach.  You may need to apply sunscreen.

Beach Beach are Pau Riutort, Tomeu Mulet, Angel Garau, and Lluis Cabot.  The Sea is out as of March 16 via La Castanya, and is available as a digital download, as well as CD and vinyl (plus digital download).

Bandcamp for the album
Bandcamp for previous Beach Beach releases
La Castanya

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