Thursday, March 19, 2015

In Tall Buildings - Driver

Have you been good lately?  Enjoyed a triumph that calls for a reward?  Give some thought to presenting yourself with Driver from In Tall Buildings.  Consisting of ten lush, layered tracks of melodic pop, this is music carefully crafted to grace your finest earphones.  In Tall Buildings is the name used by Chicago native Erik Hall (of NOMO and His Name Is Alive) for his solo recordings.  He home-recorded the album in Chicago and a Michigan farmhouse, utilizing multiple instruments to achieve his desired sound.  While the songs are varied in rhythm, energy and emotion, a unifying characteristic is the spacious feel and generally relaxed pace.  The atmosphere is intimate, but rather than create specific themes they convey an overall impression of relaxed and unthreatening melancholy.  I was most taken by the incredible "Flare Gun" and lead off track "Bawl Cry Wail", but the record presents consistent quality throughout.  My first impression on listening to the album is that all of the songs felt like old friends, even though I had never heard them before.  In my view, that is a quality to be cherished.

Driver is out in the US now, out in Europe on April 20.

Western Vinyl page for album

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Edoc said...

I'm getting a Jason Lytle vibe from these vocals and songs.