Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Goodly Thousands - Sunshine Hair EP

Like a quick kiss at the end of a highly anticipated first date, there is enough charm on Sunshine Hair EP from Dublin band Goodly Thousands to make it all seem special, but is short enough to leave you wanting more.  With echos of Sarah Records, C86 jangle bands and pristine Scandinavian pop,  the record presents four tracks perfect for the warming days of Spring.  The showcase track is the superb "Sunshine Hair", which features delicate and sincere vocals and jangling guitar that will strum nostalgia chords in your brain.  The following "Walking Home" ups the tempo with a breezy arrangement.  "Kiss Me Upside-Down" bears hints of Teenage Fanclub power pop.  The EP closes with the charmingly wistful "Ponytail".

Goodly Thousands is helmed by singer, guitarist and songwriter Colm Dawson, with Aaron Doyle on drums and Darren Hughes on bass.  Sunshine Hair EP is out on today via Shelflife Records.  It is available on vinyl or as a digital download.

Bandcamp for previous release
Shelflife Records page for EP

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