Monday, March 30, 2015

Primitive Motion - Pulsating Time Fibre

What a delightful collections of songs from Brisbane's Primitive Motion!  Shimmering and throbbing minimalist pop that is unabashedly atmospheric.  Echo-laden sounds float while dreamy vocals slide into and out of the frame.  At times the sound is sufficiently elegant that the listener may feel that he or she has wandered into the neighboring cathedral during a choir rehearsal, at other times it seems to be emanating from another dimension entirely.  But whether you sense you are receiving a transmission from Mars or sitting in church, your ears will delight at the aural world created by Sandra Selig and Lighton Craig in their home studios.

The eleven tracks of the A-side feature more recognizable song structures, while the four tracks of the B-side are more experimental.  But as an entire work, the feel is cohesive and addictive, and the listening experience is like being invited to share the intimate inner space of the musicians.  Pulsating Time Fibre is why you bought those new headphones, you just didn't realize it at the time.

Pulsating Time Fibre is available on vinyl and as a digital download from Bedroom Suck Records.

Bedroom Suck Records order page for album

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