Monday, August 20, 2012

Black Twig - Paper Trees

If one is looking for interesting new music (you really don't need to do that on your own, you know; we'll do it for you), Finland should not be ignored.  And one of Finland's best contributions to the scene this year is Paper Trees by Black Twig.  Beginning with a platform of droning psychedelia, and then energizing the proceedings with the noisy power pop of, say, Teenage Fanclub, or even the more explosive sound of Sonic Youth or My Bloody Valentine, the music is refreshing, and a sure hit for fans of electric guitars.  For a taste, here is Paper Trees's opening track:

The guitars ring and chug with style and formidable power,  and the rhythm sections drives the songs with aggressive purpose.  One of my favorites is "Lake Song" --

"Death Scene" is among the better power pop songs of the year --

Black Twig is Aki Pohjankyro (vocals, fuzz boxes), Aleksi (crash cymbals), Janne M. (ring modulators) and Janne V. (distortion pedals).

Paper Trees is another triumph for Soliti, an indie label that is having a very good year.  The album is out now, and is available digitally from Amazon and iTunes.  I'm not certain about the availability of physical copies in the US, but if you contact Soliti I'm sure they can help you out.


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