Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The History of Apple Pie, with less sugar - "Do It Wrong"

The History of Apple Pie is on our radar again.  The occasion is the upcoming release of their new song, "Do It Wrong", which is to be released on August 5 on Marshall Teller Records.   The London band is a little less jangly and sweet, and a bit more dense, psychedelic and shoegazey on this outing.  But I doubt any of us will mind, as it is an excellent song and should feature well on the album that, we hope, is forthcoming.  Enjoy:

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Anonymous said...

I see they are playing this Friday with Martin Creed who has just done the Cribs new video, wonder whether they’ll turn up? Also found a promo code CREEDPIE gets you 25% off on TicketWeb
Cool see ya down the front! ☺