Wednesday, May 2, 2012

New Guitar Rock Discovery: Soft Science - Highs and Lows

Sacramento band Soft Science has an absolutely irresistible sound - crashing Spectorish drums, ringing guitars and high female vocals - think of, perhaps, Juliana Hatfield fronting Teenage Fanclub or Swervedriver...

Members are Katie Haley - Vocals, Ross Levine - Drums, Mason Demusey - Bass and Matt Levine - Guitar. While it's a new discovery for me, this record came out almost a year ago.

Here's a video for "When Will You Come Home" - man, I love the feedback:

Here's "Closer To Me", which stretches out a little more, with some almost-country sounding riffs and great harmony vocals:

The contrast between the noise-filled instrumentation and the high, clear vocals creates the kind of tension that makes good noise pop - highly recommended.

This record is from Test Pattern Records, which features a few pretty good jangle bands (including Desario, who we featured recently). You can listen at Test Pattern's website.

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