Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A free track from Collider

Good news, Collider has a new track, and they are giving it away free!  Those of you who trust me have already nodded your heads and begun to download.  A couple of you suspicious types are saying "wait a minute, who is  Collider?"  I'll give you the answer to that question below, but at least click on the tasty nugget of garage rock and listen while I do so.

Collider is James (guitar, vocals), Simon (drums) and Adam (guitar, bass, vocals).  James and Adam also are associated with Tye Die Tapes, whose artists we have featured several times lately (e.g. Sun Sister and Slowcoaches).  The band advises me that they have a number of songs prepared, so we can expect more good things from them in the near future.

By the way, none of the guys in the band own up to being the model in the cover art displayed above.  While modesty is a virtue, we believe there should be an open relationship between artists and their fans, so perhaps we should all vote for James, Simon or Adam and spread the rumor that the winner is, indeed the model.  The winner's mother will be so proud!

Tye Die Tapes

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