Thursday, May 3, 2012

New Spanish Blues-Rock/Boogie Discovery: Betunizer - Boogalizer

On Boogalizer by Spanish band Betunizer, the title is something of a declaration of purpose. They certainly do boogie. I'm reminded of The Minutemen and the Pixies, or going a little further back, maybe Captain Beefheart. Then again, there's that swing, the boogie - in the opening cut, "Cedric Ceballos" the drummer is definitely leading the way while the guitar slashes and the singer rages... and cowbell! On song two, "Silver Agers", it starts out very much like vintage Minutemen, especially as to the guitar intro.

Here's song three, "Imagina que matas a jota":

Here's a video of them backing Daniel Johnston on "Speeding Motorcycle":

And here's another live video of them performing "Rave en el chateau":

Betunizer is really good at keeping the beat. Perhaps that is the literal translation of "Boogalizer", a word I am unable to locate in any dictionary.

Check it out at BCore Disc.

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