Thursday, May 31, 2012

Nick Waterhouse - Time's All Gone

Jim Desmond just profiled a fine work from JD McPherson, and emphasized his love and appreciation for music of the '60s.  So it seems to be an excellent time to post my review of Time's All Gone by California's retro guitar-slinger, Nick Waterhouse.  Nick doesn't mine the '60s garage scene or the mid '60s soul scene.  He goes back to the late '50s and early '60s R&B.  The sound features Nick's shredding guitar and raw, immediate vocals, both of which hit all the right stylistic and emotional notes and are more effective for being indifferent to session musician perfection.  And it features a great rhythm section, smooth back-up vocals, and a couple of dirty saxophones.  Ladies and gentlemen, this isn't a mimicry of your parent's music, this is roadhouse R&B from the American south.  You listen to it and feel it.  It seems to me that in the background there could, or should, be the sounds of a couple courting, a couple fighting, and maybe a few broken glasses.

For a sample of the music from Time's All Gone, here is one of the top tracks, "Some Place" --

Nick Waterhouse's music is drenched in tension, sexy vibes and muscular horn and guitar riffs. But overall, it is vibrant, fun music.  It has enough polish to have style, and enough lo-fi and loose threads to be immediate and real.  I understand that with his live band, the Tarots, the effect is breathtaking.

Here is one of my favorite songs from the album (and a great video, IMHO): "I Can Only Give You Everything" --

Time's All Gone is out now on the Innovative Leisure label.  This is my late night summer soundtrack, and it could be yours.

Nick also runs Pres Records, which has released material by another of my recent favorites, Allah-Las.  In fact, Nick produced "Catamaran", one of the tracks on that group's excellent spring EP.

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Jim Desmond said...

Modern soul man covers the MC5 (and Van Morrison's Them)? And you beat me to it? Damn I got schooled here.
They don't call you RockSteady for nothing. Great post.