Friday, February 11, 2011

Old Stuff Friday - The Soul Corner - Arthur Alexander

This week's soul classic is "You Better Move On" by the late great Arthur Alexander. Another of those hard luck stories, Alexander didn't have a string of hits and never got his full due, except maybe in Europe where he was more popular than in the US.

Like a lot of kids in the South, Alexander was heavily influenced by the country music of his day, especially as heard every week on the Grand Ole Opry radio program. From the classic country singers of the late 1950's, he learned how to deliver a song.

Alexander's impeccable phrasing had a significant influence over a young fan from London named Mick Jagger who copped a great deal of his singing style from Alexander. Shortly after the Beatles covered Arthur Alexander's "Anna", The Stones covered Alexander's best known song, "You Better Move On".

Here is the original:

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