Friday, February 11, 2011

How's about some old Buffalo Tom?

I can't remember how I first heard of Buffalo Tom. Hell, it might have been Matt Pinfield. But I'll never forget first hearing them -- it was the opening chords of the title song from 1990's "Birdbrain". As broke as we were back then (I sold my Fender Mustang and Crate amp around this time -- they weren't doing me any good, and what the heck, 150 bucks is 150 bucks) I headed to Schoolkids Records on Franklin Street as soon as they opened the next day. Nearly everyone who would visit this site has heard it, but if you haven't, check it out and see if you aren't seized by the same impulse:

Two years later they'd release "Let Me Come Over", which I think is a beautiful piece of East Coast non-grunge; really one of the best albums of the decade. Can you think of a more beautiful song than "Larry"? Well, can you think of five of them very quickly? I did not think so.

Here's what became and probably remains my favorite Buffalo Tom song. Sounds like Grant Hart could have written it.

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