Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Holy Soul

Do you ever ask yourself, 'hey, I've got a bunch of music -- probably more than I can listen to and get tired of from here out (according to actuarial tables) -- so why don't I just save some money and listen to what I have henceforward?'

Of course you don't. First of all, you don't phrase questions to yourself as run-on sentences with legalese prepositions. Secondly, it's a stupid goddamned question. Because if you ever did such a thing, you'd miss great new bands who understand the basics of visceral rock and roll. Bands like The Holy Soul.

It's just past noon here as I get ready to hit the post button. I waited 'til now on purpose, based on the perhaps fanciful notion that someone would read this early in their day. Because I swear if you listen to these three songs below, by the middle of the second one you'll feel that unmistakable tap on your shoulder. It's the call of the brown demon, and by the end of the third song you're likely ruined for anything productive for the rest of the day.

By the way, they're from Sydney, and they've toured with the Drones. What more does one need to know? Here's "Train"

"Dream Last Night" (from an older EP)

and "Love Has Left the City Limits" -- from the same EP. This is a pretty standard blues tune played by a thousand bands, with a thousand sets of lyrics -- here distinguished by great vocals and guitar sound.

Their myspace page has some excellent newer songs. Check them out and buy their music.

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