Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day: Ballboy

I'm one of those guys who is more attracted to an off kilter or downbeat love song than a bouncy happy one. Maybe that makes me a mope. But it also leads me to my Valentine's day offerings from Scotland's Ballboy. Ballboy's head man is Edinburgh schoolteacher Gordon McIntyre, who sings, writes the lyrics and plays guitar. Other members are Nick Reynolds (bass), Katie Griffiths (keyboards, backing vocals) and Gary Morgan (drums).

First is Let's Fall In Love And Run Away From Here. Nothing says "love song" to me like a song that starts out:

You used to play piano,
for a living,
You stand six foot three in your heels
Now you're table dancing,
for a living,
and your world has gone to hell

And on the gentler side, a truly nice (lost) love song -- I Lost You But I Found Country Music:

Donald In The Bushes With A Bag Of Glue:

And we'll close with I Wonder If You're Drunk Enough to Sleep With Me Tonight:

So why work on Valentine's day. Let the gang from Ballboy serenade your loved one--what could possibly go wrong?
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