Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Joey Ryan and the Inks: Well Here We Are Then...

Really good, well-executed power pop... I hear a lot of attempts at this sound, but these guys are really hitting the mark. The vocals are strong, the guitars chime, and the rhythm section is solid. I even like the ballads, which is usually where weaknesses show through for young bands. They released an album, Well Here We Are Then, in May 2010, and are putting finishing touches on another one now. They're playing around the Midwest currently, I expect they'll tour once the new album is finished.

Here's the video for "Spitting in Tune":

Here's a live in-studio performance from Minnesota Public Radio's "The Current":

Website: Joey Ryan and the Inks

Myspace Page: Joey Ryan and the Inks


Mike Billeter said...

Always great to see these guys get some love. As a big time fan of Joey Ryan and the Inks, I would just like to second your opinion that everyone should check these guys out and give them a listen.

e.clarke said...

Good stuff. The MSP pipeline of great music continues.