Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Let's Shake Hands With The White Stripes

As the Detroit native here, it pains me to report that The White Stripes issued this statement today:


So that's that. But we still have this:

The White Stripes leave behind a great legacy. They had some very successful records, many good songs, and were a terrific live band, kicking up quite a bit of racket for a duo. I've admired them in no small part because they carry on the Detroit traditions - blues and soul based rock'n'roll, edgy, intense, but also unabashedly entertaining with a flair for visuals and performance.

Jack White will probably stay stay busier than ever with a variety of projects. I even suspect his most distinguished work is ahead of him. He's a great talent. And Meg White could surprise everyone and have some terrific hit song on her own down the road, like Kim Deal did with the Breeders after the Pixies broke up.

And say what you will about Meg as a drummer, but this band had some real magic. I saw them many years ago in a club, and I still remember the entire show, including the surprising closing song, a blisteringly intense cover of Bob Dylan's "Lovesick", which most of the crowd being half my age did not recognize.

And few radio hit songs of the last 10 years rocked like this one did:

So, to the White Stripes, I say thank you. Good luck to both of you in your future endeavors.

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Anonymous said...


I truly felt this when i saw it in the paper today. A whole impressive career built on the stripped down sound you mentioned in an earlier post. His best work. May the memory of White Stripes be eternal.