Friday, February 18, 2011

Can I get a ruling on the oldness of Ikara Colt?

They're not around anymore. Does that count for anything?

My brother gave me the CD for their first full-length, 'Chat and Business', right around when it came out in '02. Word had it that they were "London art school chums" or some such, so, you know, as far as expectations go, there was that. It was just a bunch of loud guitar (kind of like a more-distorted Gang of Four -- so you know you'll hear someone call it "angular") and pissed off vocals in a nasally English accent, doing the 'repeat stuff ten times' thing that Bloc Party came along and did a couple years later. To sum up in two words: pretty damned awesome. And the guitar player's name is Claire. So that album was great, and couple months later they put out an EP called 'Basic Instructions' that also was great, although I didn't find that out until a couple years later when I bought it. They put out another full length before calling it quits in the middle of the decade.

Pretty old, if you ask me. I generally like to post live videos if they sound good enough, but there's not a lot of good live stuff out there by Ikara Colt. The bottom video, "Rudd", is live, and a nice version of one of their best songs.

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