Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Getting in Bed with Exlovers

One of the things I love about music is the spontaneity. The music hits my ears and my brain reacts. I can't predict before I hear the music what emotions I'll feel as I hear it, or the emotions I'll feel when it ends. And so it is with today's blog post. I'd planned a post about three rock/pop bands from the UK, one of which I'd only heard for the first time this morning. But as I examined that band a bit closer, I tossed the original plan into the mental file cabinet (no peeking, it is a bit of a mess in there) and climbed into bed with the Exlovers.

The Exlovers are a London based guitar pop band consisting of four guys and one girl. If my research is correct, they have released four singles since they formed in late 2007. The guitars jangle and chime, and the voices harmonize. I think one could be forgiven thinking they sound a bit like a reinvention of Teenage Fanclub.

The band seems to have toured and practiced enough to produce a tight sound, and despite the melodic pop sensibilities of the songs, the twin guitars provide a satisfying amount of rock drive and muscle.

While I'm loathe to provide readers I've never met with relationship advice, try (the) Exlovers -- you may fall in love all over again.

Exlovers webpage
Exlovers on Myspace
Exlovers on Facebook


John Hyland said...

Fantastic. Thanks for finding this one, Rock... here's hoping they are working on an album. Man, that drummer really wails!

Jim Desmond said...

This is great stuff!