Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Stop me if you've heard this one...: The Blakes

Stop me if you've heard this one--

Two brothers from Maine walk into a Seattle coffeehouse in 1999. They meet a barista who happens to be a drummer and the three of them form a kickass power trio named The Blakes. What's the punch line? Click on the link to hear it and keep reading.

The Blakes are Garnet Keim, Snow Keim, and Bob Husak. The Keims had been busking their way around the country and writing songs before their meeting with Husak. The trio worked on songs some more and self-funded a tour. After moving back to Seattle they cut a few EPs and caught the attention of Seattle's KEXP. Then they were picked up by the ultra cool little Seattle label, Light In The Attic. The Blakes and Light in the Attic remastered the existing material, added some new material, and released The Blakes' first LP, entitled The Blakes. Which brings us to punch line number 2. This is the punch line of choice for those with commitment issues.

The Blakes released a second LP, Souvenir, in 2009. My wandering around the internet suggests that we may get another LP in 2011. Here are punch lines 3 and 4, from Souvenir.

The sound? By now you can assess it as well as I can, I suspect. If I had to describe it in a short elevator ride I'd say it covers the range of swaggering, emotionally vibrant and somewhat scuzzy powerpop with a bit of British invasion flourish. And it gets a top recommendation from me.

The Blakes' Website

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