Friday, March 17, 2023

"Nationsville" by The Toads


At a recent WYMA editorial meeting one of our interns alleged that we haven't featured enough amphibians on the site. While we couldn't remember a recent feature focused on amphibians, we could think of some very, very good reasons why such was the case. However, the youth of today can be judgmental and surly, and we couldn't send him away to get donuts and beer because he had just finished the errand ('donuts and beer', you ask. Well, one needs to break fast and it was going to be noon in a few hours so ... ). So we looked at our recent messages and, to our relief, discovered a just released single by The Toads.

Titled "Nationville", it features a full load of pleasures including sardonic vocal delivery, terrific guitar licks, and bass and drums that are dynamite. The video is also 'too cool for school' with the quartet playing to an audience consisting of two dummies. Oh, and have we mentioned that rhythm section? The tune is the lead track on the band's upcoming debut album In The Wilderness, and it is quite likely we are going to love it.

The Toads are Miles Jensen (vocals), Billy Gardner (guitar ), Stella Rennex (bass), and Elsie Retter (drums), borrowed from The Living Eyes, The Shifters and Parsnip.

In The Wilderness is due June 9 via Anti Fade Records and Upset The Rhythm.


Bandcamp for pre-order of In The Wilderness

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