Sunday, March 5, 2023

"Arboretum Miles" / "Estates of Sparking Haze" by Laughing Chimes


As we wrote in our last post, today is full of jangle with a San Francisco flavor at WYMA World Headquarters. While Laughing Chimes aren't San Francisco residents, the Athens, Ohio band is on the roster of Bay Area's Slumberland Records, and their new single has a full dose of jangle and chime. The two-song release is "Arboretum Miles" / "Estates of Sparking Haze", and follows closely the band's debut EP from last November (our feature here).

This new single further confirms the grasp songwriters Evan and Quinn Seurkamp have on the sound of classic jangle pop of the '80s and '90s, and a bit of British Invasion as well, despite all of that happening before they were born. Thematically, youthful hopes and yearnings and washes of melancholy are timeless and, when done as well as this, quite affecting.

The record is out now as a digital release via Slumberland Records.

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