Friday, March 10, 2023

"Madhouse Breakout Multitool" by Kindsight


When the WYMA brain trust (yes, there is one, just ... ummm ... trust us on that point) decides that a band is one of the best indie band on the scene, there is a concern that we may have set a difficult bar for the group's next record. However, Kindsight's new single "Madhouse Breakout Multitool" suggests that the Danish quartet are going to follow last year's debut album Swedish Punk (our feature here) with another stellar recording.

As we expected, the sound of "Madhouse Breakout Multitool" is wonderful - layered, dynamic and sparkling with a dose of fuzz and grit. But it also has the delicious storyline of a couple of siblings barricading themselves in their rural house to protect against the inmates of a local mental institution that have escaped.

"Madhouse Breakout Multitool" is out now via Rama Lama Records. Kindsight are Nina Hyldgaard Rasmussen (vocals/guitar), Soren Svensson (guitar), Anders Prip (bass), and Johannes Jacobsen (drums). The band is playing SXSW in Texas, and is preparing their second full length album.

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