Thursday, March 16, 2023

"Finding A Way" by Sumos


We believe that scuzzy, garagey indie pop bones is an essential ingredient for mental health. In fact, we are so certain in our conclusion that the science backs us up that we won't bother to look up a citation. After all, we can't remember the last time we were wrong about, well, anything.

So, with that introduction we offer some head medicine, courtesy of Manchester four-piece Sumos. It is a free-wheeling blast of noise and melody that energizes us and makes us feel young (and we are at an age where that is a coveted emotion).

Sumos are Joel Sloan (guitar/lead vocals), Kyle Tarbuck (lead guitar/backing vocals), Siobhan Tarbuck (bass), and Andy Kilroy (drums). Their debut LP, Surfacing, will be released in May 12 via Meritorio and Safe Suburban Home.





Bandcamp for single and album pre-order

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