Thursday, March 16, 2023

"Molecule" / "Soft World" by Hot Coppers


Keeping with the theme of new discoveries that make us happy, we are spinning "Molecule" / "Soft World" by Melbourne's Hot Coppers. While A-side is purportedly a sad song about the 'one that got away', it is too upbeat to dampen our mood. After all, we at WYMA didn't have anything invested in that particular one that got away (although we do have our own lists). And we certainly can't be sad about Hot Coppers planning to release an album on May 23.

The main man for Hot Coppers is music producer Gareth Parton, whose live band includes members of The Lucksmiths, Mid-State Orange, The Zebras, Amarillo and Clan Analogue.



Bandcamp for single

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