Sunday, March 5, 2023

"Coming to Your Town" by Chime School


Today at WYMA is a mostly jangle day, and a San Francisco day as well. First up is the new two-track single by Chime School, the Rickenbacker-driven project founded by Andy Pastalaniec (Seablite/Cruel Summer). The band's self-titled album from 2021 impressed us greatly (our feature here), so we were eager to learn what new treats we coming. We listened, and were weren't disappointed. The A-side is "Coming to Your Town", a more muscular jangler addressing the reactionary turn of some San Francisco citizens during the pandemic. The B-side is a jangling version of Buzzcock's "Love You More". And in our view, covers of Buzzcocks are always encouraged. 

The release date for the record is scheduled for April 7, and will be out via Slumberland Records (North America), Meritorio Records (Europe) and Fastcut Records (Japan)..

Bandcamp for single

Various links for single

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