Friday, March 24, 2023

"Posters" / "My First Beer" by Teenage Tom Petties


Tom Brown, who also has been on these pages with this duo Rural France, has found his way into our lineup again with his bedroom-project-turned-full-band Teenage Tom Petties. Their entre is via today's release of the double A-side "Posters" / "My First Beer". It is uptempo guitar pop with plenty of jangle and a good dose of punk attitude. Sounds right up our alley, you say? You are right.

Teenage Tom Petties are Tom Brown (guitar/vocals/drums), Jim Quinn (bass), Rob Fawkes (lead guitar), and Galen Richmond (backing vocals). This single is out now via Safe Suburban Home and Repeating Cloud Records. Tom released a full album under this name last year, and he and the band plan to record another one this summer. "Good news" we say.


Bandcamp for record

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