Friday, October 25, 2019

Young Guv - GUV II

Recently Ben Cook -- aka Young Guv -- observed that he had "accidentally" recorded a double album. We cannot verify that the size of the end product was accidental, but we will advise you that Guv I (our August 1 feature here) and today's subject, Guv II, are each possibly the most hook-filled, hyper-melodic songs you are going to have the delight to experience this year. Guv II unspools like a hit machine -- from the jangling, crunchy power pop of "She's A Fantasy", "Try Not To Hang So Hard", and "Can I Just Call You", to the mirror-ball dance pop of "Caught Lookin'" and "Trying To Decide", to the Britpop of "Song About Feeling Insane", to the glistening synth pop of "Can't Say Goodbye" the material leaves us breathless and awestruck. Young Guv is a one-man prime time radio show. You can tune in any time you like, but you will never want to leave.

Guv II is out today via Run For Cover Records. Note that you can purchase both albums together (plus two bonus tracks) as Guv I  & II (link)

Run For Cover Records page for Guv releases

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